Newly started company Raws makes straws out reeds, so cool! We created the video for the press release, everything from making the storyboard to the final editing.  We also designed different prints for coasters, flyers and bags.

Event print design


We have created numerous various concepts for different events, such as weddings, private parties, and corporate events. We love creating concepts for the print design since it’s a wonderful way to add that finishing touch and detail to tie together the whole design, desired ambiance, and style of the event.

Arena 2030


Linköping horse show got a grant from SIDA to educate how to include the UNs global goals into the horse riding industry. The project included creating a visual identity, prints, social media strategy in order to attract people to the exhibition and lectures.



We created a brand identity design for public speaker and coach Örjan and his company Aghera. He is a public speaker who talks about mental illness at the workplace and how to prevent burnouts.

Cabo Taqueria


1,5 years after successfully opening Cabo Mexican in Linköping, they decided to open a Taqueria in neighboring town Norrköping. We were requested to make a brand identity that connected the two restaurants whilst still being able to differentiate the two.



On behalf of Norrköping municipality, a brand identity was created for the new high school Bråvallagymnasiet, as well as a strategic plan for all their digital channels and different kinds of print work (roll-ups, invitation and business cards).



UVElite is a danish floor renovating company who wanted to expand to the other nordic countries. After careful marketing research we created a campaign to advertise UVElites time efficiency along with promoting their danish heritage.



Digital marketing material was produced for SAS:s international market, such as Facebook pictures, banners and event invitations, using SAS:s brand guidelines.

Race For The Baltic


Layout of a scientific report for the foundation Race For The Baltic. The report was designed according to brand guidelines. The aim was to make the report easy to read and follow but also keep the reader interested through out while maintaining a professional tone.

Cabo Mexican


We made a visual identity to the new mexican restaurant Cabo Mexican. We created a visual expression based on the chosen interior design and as well as the brand vibe. Other than making the visual identity we made all the design for menus and other marketing material.