We are your friends | Creative studio is your loyal friends in need of all your creative outlets. We dream, think, breathe and create visual communication. We want our designs to feel present, vibrant and elated. We build strong and longstanding relationships, with both clients and partners, to create well thought out design of high quality made with amazingness

So this is where it started

The idea of WAYF creative studio was born on a grey spring afternoon 2016 in a corporate London office. There was a love for creating design and visual communication that makes one feel and makes your inside bubble with joy, but also a hunger to create a new and modern division in the creative media sphere. The world was changing and also the world of advertising and the people working in it. Ultimately we wanted to create something new, and something that could move along the times. A transparent and joyous approach to creating design and communication.

Fast forward 1,5 years in 2017, and a million thoughts later WAYF was born on a warm August afternoon in Norrköping, Sweden. For our love of experiences (and life) we decided to specialize in designing for brands within hospitality and retail. Essentially what we do is design and communicate brands, we do all things graphic design related and we also work with social media management.


Communication agency, creative studio, advertising agency, PR firm, design agency…  It might be confusing to understand the difference between all these different studios and agencies. There is, of course, a few nuanced differences between the different kinds, but over and all to keep it on the simple side, we offer the same services. So don’t be frightened by which category of the name we’ve put ourselves in, let us know your problems and need and let us see how we can solve it.

This is who we are


The way we roll

We are skilled, knowledgeable and super fussy about details. We also believe that fun and play is vital for the creative process. Our mindset is the main tool for delivering communication that affects, design that pops, and creating brands that move markets.

The world we live in

The world is constantly changing, especially when it comes to the world of communication, marketing and design. Therefore we believe in having a chameleonic ability to adapt to ever-changing environments and always staying young at heart. We aim to take on the world in a vigorous and present way and fill it with electric creativity.

The friends

It takes a village…. No, but a whole bunch of friends. We believe that best results come from people doing what they do best. Therefore we make sure that the most suitable person is on the task. From briefing to delivery we strive to having a diffrent and friendly client relationship. A friendship.

The genius behind this operation

Beatrice Stenkula

Founder & owner


  • Ecstatic graphic designer
  • Social media manager maven
  • Loves bunnies in knitted hats
  • Delightfully Dyslectic
  • Balloon enthusiast

The pink list

The group of freelancer pros we hold dearly and works frequently with. These friends make it possible to solve any of your communication requests. Want to get on our list? We always look for talented new friends. Hit us up with an email and let us know where your talents lay : – )